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tingling lipstingling lips

One in three of us at risk to get herpes on your lips. Virtually all adults (90%) are carriers of herpes simplex virus type first. The disease does not develop in each carrier of the virus, but epidemiologists believe that 20 to 40% of the population suffer from genital herpes infections in the mouth. Oh, the horror, I felt tingling on the lips! This is a harbinger of herpes? Many almost panic when they appear on the lips painful herpetic vesicles. In general discomfort associated with the psychological factor, because in this situation, people feel helpless.

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This was demonstrated by surveys conducted among infected with herpes on the lips. Although the psychological aspect should not be overstated, it really plays a role in herpetic lesions. This pressure arises because of the disease, demonstrates the importance of a quick and effective remedy for the treatment of herpes on the lips. Patients with herpes chuvsvuyut that they are helpless and alone, have a sense of guilt and shame. Herpes on the lips reappear when you are sick or flu are under stress. Often it feels like a man’s personal weakness, exposes all the others.

Here is a typical statement of patients: “I hate those bubbles, and I understand that I can not do anything with them,” “If I had better watch themselves, the disease would not exist. It’s my fault,” “I feel so untidy!”.
Herpes on the lips (in Latin – herpes labialis) – an infectious disease caused by herpes simplex virus type first. This virus contains DNA and replicates in the nucleus of the host cell. A common manifestation of the disease are painful blisters filled with fluid, located along the contour of the lips. The bubbles burst, sore formed, which then becomes crusty. Untreated, herpes on the lips is all of these stages within 8-12 days. However, after recovery, the virus persists in the nerve ganglia (clusters of nerve cells), and therefore the disease can come back any time.

One of the most common routes of transmission of herpes to others – direct contact with the skin. Because the virus can be transmitted by kissing, as well as sequential touching of contaminated sites, and then to another site or your body to the skin of another person. For example, a person sick with herpes on the lips, can infect the eyes, touching the infected area at first, and then to the eye that can occur especially often in those who wear contact lenses. Increased risk of infection is associated not only with the fact that people who wear contact lenses, more often touch their eyes, but the fact that the lenses reduce the amount of oxygen that gets to the cornea. By itself, the deterioration of corneal oxygen supply is not a problem, but it leads to an increased risk of infection.

In addition, the herpes simplex virus can continue to live within a few hours in liquids and on surfaces. So if you enjoy with someone shared a glass, cup or bottle, it is enough to ensure that transmission has occurred! Infection with herpes simplex virus of the first type usually occurs in childhood. As a rule, the source of the virus become infected parents or other adults. The primary episode of infection often go unnoticed. After initial infection the immune system successfully eliminates the virus in the skin and mucous membranes, but not in the nerve ganglia. Developing the latent (hidden) infection when the virus do not show themselves, but the viral DNA remains in an inactive state in the nuclei of nerve cells and can be activated under favorable conditions. When the virus “wakes up”, start replication (reproduction), and new viral particles that move around the spikes of neurons to the skin and re-infect the skin cells.

tingling lips herpes

A weakened immune system. Healthy lifestyles, varied diet, exercise and good sleep strengthens the immune system.
Excessive sun exposure. In the summer by the sea or on the slopes of the mountains during the winter holidays, we get a lot especially solar radiation. Prevent sunburn by using a special cream or lipstick with a high degree of UV protection (sanblokerov) requires not only the face and lips.
Stress. You should avoid prolonged state of stress. In this regard, recommended regular breaks, switch-off of stress even for a short time. Special exercises, such as auditory training or regular physical exercise reduces stress loads.
Changes in hormone levels can be combined with recurrent (repeated) outbreaks of herpes on the lips. Most often this occurs during menstruation or pregnancy, but the stress and fear can also become the cause of herpes.
Severe immunosuppression. Disease or medications such as antibiotics or steroids can make you more susceptible to severe exacerbations of herpes infection.

Usually the infection starts with a sensation of tingling or swelling of the lips, which can turn into itchy. These symptoms a day or two ends with the formation of typical herpetic vesicles. However, bubbles can also occur anywhere on the face, such as the nose and cheeks (herpes facialis). Affected area become sensitive, painful and unattractive in appearance. Some people therefore have a real sense of revulsion. In addition to psychological stress, reduce the quality of life may also be swollen lymph nodes and fever.

The vesicles ulcerate on the second or third day, and then at an early stage, the soft crust, which later hardens. Despite the fact that people with healthy immune systems are self-restriction of infection, symptoms and psychological distress often require treatment in order to ease pain and speed healing.

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