Numbness and Tingling in Hands

Spotting Numbness and Tingling in Hands

Spotting numbness and tingling in hands is extremely important as according to latest research, it has been observed that tingling in hands could be a major symptom of the onset of diabetes. There are various theories behind the relation of diabetes with tingling in hands and it is important that you understand this connection completely. On the other hand, understanding the ill effects of diabetes is also important, just as finding the correct way to treat diabetes. Before we get into all the details of spotting and treating diabetes, you need to understand the connection between diabetes and tingling in hands. A thorough explanation, like the one that follows, should be sufficient enough for giving you an idea about what causes tingling in hands and how it can be controlled.

Causes of Tingling in Hands


The causes of tingling in hands can be many, but the major one which can impact your body in the worst possible way is diabetes. Diabetes can wreak havoc on the body of a person and this can easily start with the innocent tingling in hands. You might be clueless and can misunderstand this tingling in hands to be a regular affair, of ‘sleeping’ hands, but you need to know that when the condition of tingling in hands becomes regular, you need to get a checkup done. Due to diabetes, there can be an impact on the blood circulation and this impact is the most severe in the extremities of the body, like hands and feet. The tingling in hands is mainly due to poor circulation of blood in this area and this affects the nervous system in a bad way. Numbness and tingling in left hand is even more scary, as this is directly associated with the heart and can be a warning sign for future problems.

Tackling Diabetes


For taking care of tingling in hands completely, you need to make sure that you keep diabetes in check. For keeping diabetes in check, you need to follow a proper diet plan and take the prescribed drugs on time. Insulin injections might be required in some cases but this practice should be avoided. Numbness and tingling in hands can be resolved through these measures and you would not be waking up with tingling in hands ever again.

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